Hvar South & Wine routes

South side of Hvar island has 2 different faces. SW part is where Hvar Town and Pakleni islands are. As one of the most famous summer destinations, it's a very busy part of the island with rich party life. There are numerous options to choose from authentic, fresh food restaurants, all kind of bars, clubs and numerous turquoise lagoons for daily pleasures.

As you sail to the SE part of the island, the crowd is getting smaller each mile. There are few small authentic villages on the coast  and numerous small hidden crystal clear lagoons. As you look up, following the mountain clime, some of the most precious vineyards are lying on a very steep hill, offering authentic wine routes with unbelievable view on islands of Vis, Lastovo and Korčula, even Italy when local fresh NW wind "Bura" clears the skies.

One of the most beautiful, authentic places is the village of Sv.Nedilja (St.Sunday), located under the mountain, on the coast. Combination of peace, serenity, vine yards looking at you from the top of the mountain, exotic blue lagoons around, olive trees, rosemary and lavender fields and the whole offer that marina and restaurant provide, are just the most memorable experience ever!

Vineyards are located on a steep hill, 40-60%, 50% of the grapes are from sort Plavac Mali, 40% are white sorts of Pošip, Bogdanuša, Maraskina, Yellow Muscat and 10% is reserved for an experimental varieties and research. The grapes are processed only by hand and chemical protection of the vines are NOT needed, because of the unique combination of climate, Terra and cultivation techniques.

Positioned less than a mile South from the Hvar island, lies a small, wild island of Šćedro with it's untouched beauty, crystal blue lagoons and sheltering turquoise bays.

About The Location

Possible to arrange:

Tour to the vineyards of one of the most famous wine makers in region, on the South side of Hvar with a small private marina and authentic, home grown food restaurant, in a very peaceful, traditional ambient.

2 other, less commercial wine making families, with their own, private Reserve wine.

A very authentic tour to the Lavender fields, where you can feel and experience inland heartbeat of the island, before you come back to the boat and jump back to the crystal clear sea to cool down!

As you sail from Hvar and Pakleni islands to the East, it's becoming more and more quiet each mile. Hidden lagoons and authentic, old villages, vine yards on a steep hill from some of the best wine makers in region, and a very distinctive coast line.

Most summer days there's a nice, constant, refreshing daily wind, called "Maeštral", blowing from NW, starting before Noon, peaking around 05 pm and finishing in later afternoon hours. "Bura" is a NE wind, with strong gusts, rapidly going from start to maximum, bringing clear, sunny weather. Early signs are sometimes small "hat" clouds on the peaks of the nearby mountains, or huge storm cloud formations with lightnings without thunder. "Jugo" is the SE wind, causing the most sea disturbance and swells, it needs time to grow, bringing cloudy skies and rainfalls. Can be seen from distance as humidity rise on a horizon while the pressure is falling and swell is rising. "Tramontana" is Northern wind, usually stronger than "Maeštral", bringing very nice weather. These are the main winds in the summer time and all of them have potency to blow 25 m/s and more, which is on a border of the fiercely storm winds. Bura is usually more difficult to sail, because of it's fierce gusts and fast momentum from 0-max. All of them have more detailed characteristics, which you can find out sailing with our skippers.

There are also common local winds and storms that needs to be taken in knowledge, as they can bring damage in short period of time.

"Lebić", SW warm, dry wind, usually connected with short and strong passing of "Bura" after "Jugo", bringing swell crossing and disturbance in ports.

"Levant", East wind, blowing with cloudy, humid weather, usually acting as a switch between Jugo and Bura. Blows with constant speed, around 7 BF, for a short period of time.

"Oštro", South wind, warm and humid, lots of characteristics like Jugo, but more rare.

1 to 3 day trips from Split to Hvar in any arrangement that suit your preferences, with the sailboat or our speed boat.

Extra arrangements:

Cold plate and/or chef on board

VIP arrangements for restaurants and clubs

Private wine routes, historical sites

Party all day&night arrangement

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