Biševo lies just a few miles SW from the island of Vis, looking on the bay of Komiža. There are 2 main bays for anchoring, Porat and Mezuporat. Inhabitants, somewhere from 100-300 people during the history, where mainly occupied with fishing and vineyards. The fishing hot spots around the island are some of the best on Croatian coast and very famous trough out the history. Some of the biggest catches in history were made on Biševo fishing grounds, raging from 31 T - 45 T of blue fish in one net pulling.

Famous Blue Cave is hidden close to Mezuporat. It has 2 entrances, one you can enter with a tour boat and other one where the light shines blue in the cave, trough the sea. There are other caves around the island which you can explore with our skippers. There are many unbelievable spots around the island, but the visit to the island must be planned with the weather, because the highlights of the island are hard to get to on a rough weather.

About The Location

  • Visit to the Blue Cave, Monk Seal Cave and the search for other caves
  • Dinning at some of the beautiful, authentic, family owned restaurants
  • Hiking tour to the islands old villages
  • Chilled out sailing around the island, looking for your dream spot

Sailing conditions around Biševo are sometimes demanding and depending highly on weather. On any Southern wind its, difficult or not possible to visit the caves. Anchoring around the island is almost impossible, except in a few sheltered bays, because the sea around the island goes 60+ meters just meters from shore.

Most summer days there's a nice, constant, refreshing daily wind, called "Maeštral", blowing from NW, starting before Noon, peaking around 05 pm and finishing in later afternoon hours. "Bura" is a NE wind, with strong gusts, rapidly going from start to maximum, bringing clear, sunny weather. Early signs are sometimes small "hat" clouds on the peaks of the nearby mountains, or huge storm cloud formations with lightnings without thunder. "Jugo" is the SE wind, causing the most sea disturbance and swells, it needs time to grow, bringing cloudy skies and rainfalls. Can be seen from distance as humidity rise on a horizon while the pressure is falling and swell is rising. "Tramontana" is Northern wind, usually stronger than "Maeštral", bringing very nice weather. These are the main winds in the summer time and all of them have potency to blow 25 m/s and more, which is on a border of the fiercely storm winds. Bura is usually more difficult to sail, because of it's fierce gusts and fast momentum from 0-max. All of them have more detailed characteristics, which you can find out sailing with our skippers.

There are also common local winds and storms that needs to be taken in knowledge, as they can bring damage in short period of time.

"Lebić", SW warm, dry wind, usually connected with short and strong passing of "Bura" after "Jugo", bringing swell crossing and disturbance in ports.

"Levant", East wind, blowing with cloudy, humid weather, usually acting as a switch between Jugo and Bura. Blows with constant speed, around 7 BF, for a short period of time.

"Oštro", South wind, warm and humid, lots of characteristics like Jugo, but more rare.


  • Scuba and free diving
  • Big game fishing
  • Private sunset dinning

Biševo Map