Our Vision

Offering tailor made sailing arrangements and skippering trough Croatian islands, bringing much more care and detail in all aspects of operation, personalizing your route arrangements, making sure you visit more places of your interest on the islands and at the right times.

Discover much more, experience unforgettable restaurants and, all-together, get the most and only the best out of your sailing vacation.

All boats are highly maintained and updated with various equipment and latest technology.

Skipper has a long experience in navigation and sailing, accompanied with a wide range of additional  skills. He will guide you trough the most memorable swimming spots, diving locations, epic sailing routes, places to dine, have fun or just be connected with nature and feel free, far from everything.

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Why us?

There are numerous paths your perfect vacation can turn, with all the options and different pleasures that are given to you to choose from, all over the islands of the Adriatic coast.

Let me put my signature on your perfect vacation, using all the knowledge about the best swimming escapes, epic anchoring spots, hidden blue lagoons, inland tours, dinning experiences, history and cultural events and happenings, and what is the most important, timing of all of the things that you wish to do, so you can avoid long lines, busy hours, crowded bays, and have a reservation for any type of experience that you don’t wan’t to miss!

Starting from the most important point of view, that this should be the most precious vacation so far, with only the best memories left for you to enjoy when you go back to reality, Skipper and crew are making sure that you feel the true heartbeat of Dalmatian islands which will leave you speechless..

My philosophy is based on a fact that you should do what you love in life, because that brings that magical touch of excellence. I grew up around here and visited all this locations for decades and can’t wait to guide trough the most memorable experiences, the most beautiful places, and send you home in a positive shock, with desire to come back to us as soon as you get another chance to unplug from your daily routines.

I have a strong ECO awareness policy and try to do everything to bring people back in a touch with nature, to connect with the environment, to be responsible for the footprint they leave.

My sailing experience, knowledge of the area and people, advanced hospitality and safety training, detailing touch and professional, honest approach, gives no room for any stress during your vacation.