Lastovo is one of the most beautiful islands of the Croatian South, limestone originated, where many caves found their ground. The sea around the island is deep, average around 60m, but there are safe anchorages in "Skrivena Luka" bay, and on the West between the small island "Prežba" and Lastovo. The island itself it's very authentic. It was kind of isolated from mass tourism, which makes it the untouched jewel of the coast. There are beautiful old villages, like frozen in time from centuries before. The coast is very wild, but with beautiful, crystal clear lagoons, bays and shallows.

Island was populated in the Roman times and probably before. Till the 10th century it was populated by Slavs. In the past people were culturing vineyards, olive trees and fishing, as well as some agriculture and wood cutting. Natives were trading wine, olive oil and salted sardines with the main land. Fishing was important part of living, from 1277., when fisherman bring their catch at the Dubrovnik market.

There are documented fights between fisherman, for the use of standing (vojge) and pulling nets. The locals sent the fisherman with vojge to fish on Sušac, and there are also documented fights with fisherman from Komiža for the fishing ground on Sušac.

There is a well documented writing about the stone walls city in the 10th century on Lastovo, from where the islanders were attacking the Venetians with their ships. The island willingly parted under Republic of Dubrovnik, 1252., and 1310. The island got it's own autonomy and statute. There were under Dubrovnik Republic until it's fall, 1808.

About The Location

There are few beautiful car tours trough the island, visiting old villages, history places and an old Renaissance Villa, as well as walking distance lighthouse route, a cave route, and many unbelievable places to dive around the island.

Sailing around Lastovo is a beautiful and wild experience, as it's very open and isolated from the coast.

Most summer days there's a nice, constant, refreshing daily wind, called "Maeštral", blowing from NW, starting before Noon, peaking around 05 pm and finishing in later afternoon hours. "Bura" is a NE wind, with strong gusts, rapidly going from start to maximum, bringing clear, sunny weather. Early signs are sometimes small "hat" clouds on the peaks of the nearby mountains, or huge storm cloud formations with lightnings without thunder. "Jugo" is the SE wind, causing the most sea disturbance and swells, it needs time to grow, bringing cloudy skies and rainfalls. Can be seen from distance as humidity rise on a horizon while the pressure is falling and swell is rising. "Tramontana" is Northern wind, usually stronger than "Maeštral", bringing very nice weather. These are the main winds in the summer time and all of them have potency to blow 25 m/s and more, which is on a border of the fiercely storm winds. Bura is usually more difficult to sail, because of it's fierce gusts and fast momentum from 0-max. All of them have more detailed characteristics, which you can find out sailing with our skippers.

There are also common local winds and storms that needs to be taken in knowledge, as they can bring damage in short period of time.

"Lebić", SW warm, dry wind, usually connected with short and strong passing of "Bura" after "Jugo", bringing swell crossing and disturbance in ports.

"Levant", East wind, blowing with cloudy, humid weather, usually acting as a switch between Jugo and Bura. Blows with constant speed, around 7 BF, for a short period of time.

"Oštro", South wind, warm and humid, lots of characteristics like Jugo, but more rare.

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